Houston December 9:  In a keynote address given during the 2020 IADC World Drilling Conference on 9 December, Transocean’s CEO, Jeremy Thigpen, highlighted the K-BOS as part of the aShear system being deployed on Transocean’s fleet as a top priority technology. He explained that while some projects have been sidelined during this year’s downturn, top priority technology will be critical for adding value in the near-term future. He explained that a few top-priority technologies remain on the docket, with the aim of making offshore projects more competitive with US onshore. One such technology is the aShear, a kinetic blowout stopper (KBOS) shear ram unit based on military-grade ballistics that Transocean is currently developing with Kinetic Pressure Control. Mr. Thigpen said Transocean has been working with several companies on using aShear, and it plans to deploy the technology in the US Gulf of Mexico sometime in 2021.

Further he spoke about environmental responsibility: “All of these technologies help in improving our reliability and efficiency,” Mr Thigpen said. “They also help us reduce our overall impact on the environments in which we operate, because we’re deploying technologies that provide even more barriers to mitigate the possibility and severity of either a process or a personal safety event. They’re also technologies that enable us to deliver campaigns more quickly, using less fuel and reducing our impact on the environment.”

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Transocean CEO: Younger fleet, new technologies can put offshore drillers on solid footing in post-downturn landscape – Drilling Contractor