Houston TX: Kinetic Pressure Control’s game changing K-BOS, or Kinetic Blowout Stopper, is featured on the cover of the Volume: 72 | Issue: 7 edition of the Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) published on July 1, 2020. JPT is the highly respected magazine published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). The corresponding article, titled “Macondo Changed BOPs, but There Is a Limit” by Stephen Rassenfoss, JPT Emerging Technology Editor, mentions that “Transocean incorporated one of those devices, made by Kinetic Pressure Control, as part of its redesigned BOP system. The K-BOS—Kinetic Blowout Stopper—is billed as being able to cut anything that goes through a BOP. It will be the last line of defense—the deadman autoshear” and with regard to the subsea test featured in the cover photo, “Transcocean said at the end of the test, “The K-BOS cut a 16-in. heavy-wall casing with a 6⅝-in. landing string inside it simultaneously (a previously unshearable tubular combination), after which the blind shear ram closed and sealed on the bore.”

Please follow this link to read the entire article in JPT: https://pubs.spe.org/en/jpt/jpt-article-detail/?art=7179

The 18-15M K-BOS, featured above, as part of the aShear system tested at a depth of 5,100 ft together with Transocean’s next generation subsea pumping station in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico in 2019.

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