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Another 18-3/4″ 15M K-BOS Delivery

Houston TX: The team at Kinetic Pressure Control is very pleased to announce the delivery of yet another K-BOS system to our growing rental fleet. ...

Another 13-5/8″ 10M K-BOS Delivery

Houston TX: The team at Kinetic Pressure Control is very pleased to announce the delivery of yet another K-BOS system to our growing rental fleet. This ...

Update! Accelerated EDS Results in Improved Drilli...

Houston TX: A detailed analysis together with Kongsberg has shown that a 9-second EDS results in dramatically improved DP operability and can enable Shallow Water ...

Optimized Well Design Enabled by an Improved Well ...

The K-BOS provides the ability to shear anything which enables drilling engineers to consider optimizations to a well design / completion or intervention. Opportunities such ...

Emergency Response Planning Can be Fundamentally I...

For Global Release: With the ability to shut-in on a full flowing blowout in milliseconds, K-BOS provides a dramatic improvement in emergency response time to ...

K-BOS Reduces Probability of Blowout by 94% or Mor...

Riyadh Saudi Arabia: The K-BOS results in more than a 94% reduction in the probability of a blowout in surface drilling applications according to a ...

Well control - a case for change

Blowouts Are an Existential Threat

It seems that year after year we see or hear about major blowouts in the oil and gas industry. Such an ongoing failure rate is unacceptable considering that the result of failure could potentially result in loss of human life, damage to the environment, and cost billions of dollars. Blowouts jeopardize our social license to explore for the world’s most critical energy sources.

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A New Approach

The limitations of the current shear ram technology are well understood, and a significant amount of operating time is dedicated to procedures and testing to mitigate the risks of these limitations.

Kinetic’s technology service represents a fundamental change in the ability to secure the well in the case of an emergency. By eliminating “unshearable” and “unsealable” situations and drastically reducing the time criticality from the decision to shear and seal the well or not, our technology allows the industry to fundamentally reimagine well control.

Critical Safety System Technology

Kinetic Pressure Control is proud to bring some of the most reliable, safe, and proven technology from critical safety applications in the aerospace, defense, and nuclear industries and apply them to the oil & gas industry’s most critical problem: Stopping Blowouts.

At Kinetic, we are committed to reduce ultimate development costs and to protect the Oil and Gas Industry’s social license to operate.

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Kinetic Pressure Control is proud to present its game changing Kinetic Blowout Stopper, the K-BOS.

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Reimagine Pressure Control with Kinetic’s StackLite Technology

Kinetic’s "StackLite" branded products utilize patent protected fundamental innovation to solve pressure control problems in an innovative way that reduces cost while significantly improving performance and reliability. Products include:

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