The Airbag for the Oil and Gas Industry

The Kinetic Blowout Stopper, or K-BOS, is an electrically initiated, pyro-mechanical gate valve which performs the critical function of shearing and sealing during drilling and completion well control operations. In these applications, the K-BOS would typically be mounted on top of the well head as a safety head and can also be retrofitted to existing BOP cavities.

The K-BOS is the industry’s first true blowout “stopper” as opposed to current “preventers” – “think of it as the airbag for the oil & gas industry”. Kinetic has simulated a blowout under full flowing conditions and has demonstrated that the K-BOS can instantly and reliably stop the release of toxic hydrocarbons regardless of what may be across the BOP.

In the video below the K-BOS is shown mounted to the blowout simulator. In the upper right-hand corner, the well bore pressure is displayed. A nominal flow of 22,000 barrels per day is established at a flowing pressure of 4,700 psi. The K-BOS is activated and instantly shears the tubular in the bore and establishes a gas tight seal rated to 15,000 psi.

Watch a Surface test of the K-BOS

Shear Anything, Seal Instantly

The K-BOS is rated to shear all typical tubulars, tool joints, and BHAs used for a given API bore size and can also cleanly shear wireline in the slack condition. The rapid kinetic shearing action leaves a clean fish with minimal deformation and allows the K-BOS to shear and seal in milliseconds with unmatched reliability.

18-15M K-BOS Shear Test Results

18-15M K-BOS 0.125” Slick Line
0.3125” Braided E-Line

18-15M K-BOS 6.9” OD Slip Proof Landing String, V150
(Side Load & Compression)

18-15M K-BOS 8.5” OD Tool Joint Landing String, V150

18-15M K-BOS 9.5in Drill Collar, 214ppf, MYS120

18-15M K-BOS 16” OD HP Casing, Q125 w/
6.625” OD Inner String, V150; Combined 186ppf

18-15M K-BOS 18” OD HP Casing, Q125 w/
6.625” OD Inner String, V150; Combined 167ppf

Protecting the Social License to Operate

The K-BOS represents a fundamental change in the ability to secure the well in the case of an emergency. By eliminating “unshearable” and “unsealable” situations and drastically reducing the time criticality from the decision to shear and seal the well or not, the K-BOS allows the industry to fundamentally reimagine well control.

In the context of climate change and environmental responsibility for the oil & gas industry, Kinetic Pressure Control is proud to work with leading Operators to make a positive contribution to the global energy narrative by solving the most visible and damaging problem faced by the industry: Stopping Surface Blowouts.

Download the K-BOS Cut Sheet for Surface Drilling Applications

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