Houston, August 2019: The K-BOS technology completed a successful shear test during a simulated Deadman Auto-shear situation in 5,100 feet of seawater; During the test, the aShear system, which is an integration of the K-BOS and a next generation BOP control system, detected a loss of coms simulated by an ROV turning a valve to trigger the DMAS sequence. The aShear system activated and fired the K-BOS which sheared a 16.25-inch OD Casing with a 6-5/8-inch inner drill string totaling 186ppf. The sheared pipe fell into a catch basket arranged beneath the test equipment, and then the aShear closed and locked the blind shear rams.

The K-BOS technology has previously completed more than 70 shear tests including shear tests at the 18-3/4 inch scale of a 16.25 inch heavy casing with a 6-5/8 inch inner drill string, an 8.5 inch tool joint, and a 9.5 inch drill collar.

As a part of the same subsea test program, the aShear system accumulated 5 years’ worth of accelerated life cycle testing, 100 cycles of open and closing the rams, a battery drawdown test, and an autonomous operations test.

This test completes an extensive accelerated life cycle testing program of the aShear system having completed a cumulative total of more than 13 years’ worth of life cycle testing and over 300 open close functions of the rams and dozens of DMAS simulations without a single mechanical failure.

The test was led by Transocean and supported by Kinetic Pressure Control and other partners while keeping station over East Breaks 960 in the Gulf of Mexico. DNV and BHP witnessed the test in person and many major Operators and regulators witnessed the test via live ROV feed.

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