Kuwait City October 2019: NESR participated in the Kuwait Oil and Gas Show along with its partner Kinetic Pressure Control who featured the K-BOS, a revolutionary well control technology, which can shear anything, seal instantly and stop a blowout. The NESR booth was centrally located and received constant foot traffic from global and local oil and gas industry players including the Secretary General of OPEC, the Minister of Energy of Kuwait, and top leadership from the Kuwait Petroleum Company and Kuwait Oil Company.

Sherif Foda, NESR CEO, with Mohammed Barkindo, Secretary General of OPEC, at the Kuwait Oil and Gas Show and Conference, in front of the K-BOS on display.

“This is a safety device that can shear anything in the well and seal instantly, regardless of the size or position of a given tubular in the well bore, or after flow has been established. It can shear BHAs, Tool joints and all wireline and is particularly interesting in applications when you’re doing  operations on a high risk well. For example where there is a lot of H2S or pressure in the well during a completion there’s a lot of risk in the case of a blowout of more damage happening. You want to have assurance that you can shut in the well in the case of emergency. That’s where this is game changing,” explained Reese Jones, Kinetic’s VP of Operations.

The new technology, which is currently in the qualification process with NESR, has attracted a great deal of interest at the show, and has generated interest from operators in the Kuwaiti market.

Senior Kuwaiti leaders listen in as NESR and Kinetic present the K-BOS technology during KOGS 2019

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