Houston, June 2019: Following more than 60 successful K-BOS shear tests, Kinetic Pressure Control completed the first test of their 18-3/4” scale K-BOS in June of 2019. Rated for 15,000 psi working pressure and for use in subsea and surface drilling applications, the K-BOS successfully completed a shear test of a 16-1/4” OD heavy casing with a 6-5/8” OD inner drill string with a combined weight of 186ppf.

“Shearing heavy 16-inch casing with an inner string totaling 186 pounds per foot demonstrates the K-BOS’ ability to eliminate unshearable risk exposure from subsea drilling operations” said Steve Angstmann, Chief Technology Officer of Kinetic.

The K-BOS, which uses kinetic energy to shear instead of hydraulic systems, completed the shear test with approximately 3x margin of safety in remaining shearing energy as measured from the arresting system. The tubulars also showed minimal post shear deformation, enabling a simplified fishing operation compared to traditional shear rams which fold over tubulars during shearing.

Pictured Above: K-BOS Shear Test Results of a 16-1/4″ HP Casing with a 6-5/8″ inner drill string totaling 186ppf.

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