Houston, May 2019: Kinetic Pressure Control’s 5-15M K-BOS was mounted on Kinetic’s blowout simulator at their test facility in Houston. A nominal flow of 22,000 barrels per day was established at a flowing pressure of 4,700 psi. The K-BOS was then activated and instantly sheared the tubular in the bore and established a gas tight seal rated to 15,000 psi.

“We believe this demonstration to be an industry world first,” said Bobby Gallagher, CEO of Kinetic. “The K-BOS is now proven to be a blowout stopper, rather than a preventer.”

Since the Macondo oil spill in 2010, the oil and gas industry has been spending hundreds of millions of dollars on research and development to address the problems of unshearable and unsealable situations in emergency well control. The K-BOS, with both standalone and retrofittable configurations, represents a long sought after, easily deployable solution. Offered as a service, the K-BOS is scheduled to be deployed into commercial use during the 2nd quarter of 2020.

About Kinetic Pressure Control

Kinetic Pressure Control is a leading well control technology company that designs and manufactures innovative wellhead and pressure control equipment and services. Kinetic’s mission is to protect the Oil and Gas industry’s social license to operate. Learn more about Kinetic Pressure Control Limited and their K-BOS technology at www.shearanything.com

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