HOUSTON TX, July 2017 – In a matter of milliseconds what had been one piece of steel drill collar pipe with a 3 ½” outer diameter and 1” thick walls, became two cleanly sheared pieces. Cofounders Bobby Gallagher, Billy Gallagher, and Steve Angstmann had assembled their prototype at a specialized test pad in Santa Barbara California after nearly a year of engineering and planning and this was the moment of truth. The first shear test of Kinetic Pressure Control’s “Kinetic Blowout Stopper”was a success.

“This test proves that we can use kinetic energy to truly shear anything in the wellbore. We have learned a lot from this test, however I am very pleased with the result,” said Billy Gallagher, Cofounder and Vice President of Product Development.

The Kinetic Blowout Stopper (K-BOS) is an electrically initiated, pyro-mechanical gate valve which performs the critical function of shearing and sealing during drilling, completions and intervention well control operations, think of it as “the airbag for the oil & gas industry.” Kinetic’s unique design, utilizing the power of kinetic energy, greatly limits the potential existential threat posed by blowouts by being able to shear and seal everything above the bit in the well instantly – no exceptions. Further,the design of the K-BOS ensures ultimate reliability with no moving parts and all critical components being isolated from the wellbore until activated. The K-BOS realizes a significant reduction in BOP related NPT and a reduction in owning and operating costs by eliminating the need for regular inspection and maintenance and replacement of packers and seals required with traditional BOP rams.

About Kinetic Pressure Control
Kinetic Pressure Control is a leading well control technology company that designs and manufactures innovative wellhead and pressure control equipment and services. Kinetic’s mission is to protect the Oil and Gas industry’s social license to operate. Learn more about Kinetic Pressure Control Limited and their K-BOS technology at www.shearanything.com

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