HOUSTON TX, January 2018 – Kinetic Pressure Control has completed a closed capital funding round. The funds have been raised from existing angel and seed investors and will support ongoing technology validation and product development of the Kinetic Blowout Stopper (K-BOS) as well as several new technologies recently added to the lineup. Most notable addition to the lineup is the Kinetic Quick Connector which compliments the K-BOS’ game changing shearing and sealing capability with a rapid emergency disconnect capability. The two products work together to create a step change in the safety of dynamic positioned offshore oil and gas drilling operations.

“This round of funding via a convertible note gives Kinetic the resources required to prove out our designs and grow our team to bring this game changing technology to the market at a faster pace,” said Bobby Gallagher, CEO and Co-Founder of Kinetic. As a result of this funding, Martin Rosen and Hossam Elbadawy join the board of directors.

More info regarding Mr. Rosen and Mr. Elbadawy may be found at

About Kinetic Pressure Control
Kinetic Pressure Control is a leading well control technology company that designs and manufactures innovative wellhead and pressure control equipment and services. Kinetic’s mission is to protect the Oil and Gas industry’s social license to operate. Learn more about Kinetic Pressure Control Limited and their K-BOS technology at www.shearanything.com

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