December 2019, Houston TX: Kinetic’s 18-15M K-BOS successfully completed a shear test of an 18” 117ppf, P110 heavy casing with 6-5/8” 50ppf, V150 inner string. This is a world first for shearing with respect to shearing 18” casing. There were representatives from 13 Operators, Transocean, BSEE and DNV in attendance totaling more than 50 people. The fish came out cleanly without obstruction or force required. Please see attached images of the top fish.

“It was a beautiful day to eliminate the previously “unshearable” 18″ OD casing from the list of unshearables.  While this tubular size is well within the K-BOS maximum wall thickness shearing limit, the speed and high shearing force result in a shear with minimum deformation of the fish and avoiding the 18″ casing from getting stuck in the 18-3/4″ through-bore.” said Billy Gallagher, VP of Product Development for Kinetic. “With the K-BOS, Operators can enhance and improve well construction and productivity” he added.

K-BOS Shear Test Results: 18″ heavy wall casing with a 6-5/8″ inner string.

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