Houston TX, Dec 30, 2019:  Following accelerated life cycle testing including more than 750 cycles to 15,000 psi, the 18-15M K-BOS successfully completed a shear test of two types of wireline in the slack condition: slick line and a 5/16″ braided e-line. Following the test, the K-BOS successfully passed a post test low pressure test and 11 cycles of post-shear pressure tests to 15,000 psi.

“The ability to shear anything from wireline to heavy walled tubulars up to 18″ OD is really important for regulatory compliance for operations in the US outer continental shelf. This validation testing also demonstrates that the K-BOS can easily deliver on its 5 year planned maintenance interval for well-bore exposed components,” said Reese Jones, VP Operations at Kinetic. “The K-BOS is able to offer drillers unmatched capabilities and an unmatched amount of availability for a safety critical system.”

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