Houston TX: The 18-15M K-BOS (Model number KB18B501) has received certification from DNV-GL that it complies with DNVGL-OS-E101, January 2018 edition and by reference, API 16A (PR2), API 6X and NACE MR-0175. The certification is the result of having completed a comprehensive technology qualification program per DNVGL-RP-A203, including successful shear tests of specimens from 0.25″ wireline, various drill pipe, landing strings slip proof sections, heavy high pressure casing (up to 18″ OD, up to 136ppf, up to Q125), landing string tool joints and a 9.5″ OD drill collar (214ppf) including a subsea shear test in the Gulf of Mexico as well as more than 5 years of accelerated lifecycle testing and temperature qualification for a 0-300-350F (BFF) sealing material temperature rating per API 16A. Wellbore fluid wetted materials are rated for sour (H2S) service.

“Having met one of the highest bars for technology qualification across industries, E&P Operators, drilling contractors and regulators worldwide can now consider the 18-15M K-BOS as fully qualified for subsea drilling service, especially in sour service applications” said Bobby Gallagher, CEO of Kinetic Pressure Control. “The K-BOS is the best available safest technology for BOP tertiary well control systems, and we are proud to be able to back-up our claims with a fully certified product designed and built to the most rigorous industry standards as we move forward to the deployment of the technology into the field in the near future with our key partners.”

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