Throughout his career, Ken has been involved in a number of industry-first technology development and deployment initiatives, including pre-installed mooring systems for ultradeepwater semisubmersibles, development of the Subsea BOP test ram, the large bore wellhead/18” casing system, solid expandable tubulars for deepwater wells, an HPHT (15 ksi, 400 degF) capping stack, and real-time subsea BOP control system data acquisition & analytics. He has over 40 years of industry experience, primarily in deepwater Well Engineering. This includes 33 years with Shell International Exploration and Production, and 7 years as VP Engineering for ExPert E&P Consulting. His career includes a wide range of well engineering, well operations, supervision, and management positions, for domestic and international activity.

Ken has experience in technology development and implementation for deepwater well design and operations. Ken’s most recent position, prior to retirement,  was Engineering Manager of DW Wells Process Safety, which included responsibilities for Well Control, Emergency response, Rig construction/project support, BOP reliability, and HPHT equipment.

Ken has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mining Engineering from Penn State University