Unmatched Shearing and Sealing
+ Unmatched Component Integrity
= the Ultimate in Safety

With significant operational experience in the Middle East, the field proven K-BOS technology can enable high-risk well interventions and drilling near sensitive areas.

Shown above: the 5-15M K-BOS rigged-up as a safety head prior to rig up of the typical PCE on top of the K-BOS.

The following design capabilities of the K-BOS offer superior protection to work site personnel and surrounding communities in the case of an H2S release:

  • Shear and Seal on any typical work string, tool or BHA
  • Shear and seal in milliseconds VS conventional BOPs which require ~ 45-60 seconds
  • Component Integrity:
    • Isolated working components w/ well bore isolation compatible w/ unlimited H2S
    • Sealing elastomers qualified for up to 50% H2S at 350F

Shown above: Shear test results for the 5-1/8″ 15,000 psi K-BOS for CT/WL/SL service.

The K-BOS can dramatically reduce toxic gas exposure times and reduce potential gas volumes released to nearly nil.

Shown above: a chart illustrates the relative shearing a sealing capability of the K-BOS vs traditional PCE. The K-BOS can shear anything and seal instantly.

The K-BOS enables simultaneous contiguous high-risk well operations in sour reservoirs as well as enable safe operations near populated areas.

Shown above: many oil fields are in close proximity to residential or industrial areas and are subject to risk of toxic release in the case of a blowout.

Shown above: Artificial drilling islands and sensitive environmental areas add to the complexity drilling operations. The illustration shows the relative size of a toxic dispersion cloud with a traditional BOPE vs the minimized toxic dispersion cloud (30x smaller) achievable with the K-BOS.

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