Grand Hyatt Hotel, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia: Together with our partner NESR, Kinetic Pressure Control is pleased to participate in Saudi Aramco Drilling & Workover (D&WO)’s first ever Drilling Innovation Technical Symposium & Exhibition (DITS&E) on October 4–6, 2022. The event will focus on the abundance of innovative ideas generated from Saudi Aramco D&WO, along with big tech service companies, rig contractors and universities. Kinetic will be showcasing the latest in drilling pressure control technology, the “K-BOS DB”, or dual barrier. The system offers a K-BOS in one cavity and an stemless gate vale that can shear and seal in the other to give a full blind shear ram replacement with significantly more capability, reliability and reduce maintenance costs / down time. You get the ultimate in well control assurance (the K-BOS) with a compact blind shear ram, that is purpose built to be cycled multiple times and easy to maintain.

The theme of the event for this year is: “Shaping Drilling through Innovation” and each day will cover a different topic as follows:

Day 1: Evolutions in the Drilling
Day 2: Pivoting Towards the Future Through Disruptive Innovation
Day 3: Circular Economy and Transition Technologies

Please register and stay tuned to the website for updates on new show features along with agenda announcements. For participation enquiries, please email