Houston TX, January 28: The 18-15M K-BOS has successfully sheared a heavy walled 6.9″ OD landing string “Slip Proof” section in front of a large audience including subsea BOP experts from two supermajor operators, a key government regulator, and Transocean. This shear was completed with the tubular completely constrained on the top and bottom, and with a 130,000 pound side load applied to the tubular, holding the tubular firmly against the side of the wellbore during the test.

“We are very pleased to demonstrate that the K-BOS technology can successfully shear one of the latest un-shearable tubulars while under a 130,000 lb side load and while fully constraining the tubular on top and bottom” explained Bobby Gallagher, CEO of Kinetic. “Each milestone we achieve builds confidence in the K-BOS technology which can provide a 3 to 4 orders of magnitude reduction in enterprise risk from surface blowouts or drive-off or drift-off situations for E&P operators.”


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