Houston TX: An extreme sour service version of the 5-1/8″ 15,000psi working pressure K-BOS (5-15M K-BOS) is wrapping up a qualification process to DNVGL-OS-E101. As part of that qualification process, the device has successfully sheared and sealed on a 2-7/8″ OD 4145 MYS120ksi round bar in less than 1 second. The testing includes post-shear pressure tests on both primary and secondary seals to 15,000psi and meets the intent of API 16A PR2 for sealing shear rams. This new version of the 5-15M K-BOS is compatible with up to 5,000psi partial pressure H2S, and as illustrated by this test, is able to instantly shear and seal on anything that might be across the BOP including tool strings, BHAs, and sinker bars.

“The extreme sour service 5-15M K-BOS is a game changer for well intervention operations in sour gas producing reservoirs” commented Reese Jones, Kinetic’s VP of Operations. “This technology provides the ultimate in capability, reliability and component integrity; enabling safe and responsible completions and intervention operations in sour gas reservoirs, especially in the case of close proximity to inhabited areas.”

 5-15M K-BOS - Shear Test Results

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