Houston TX: The latest 5-15M K-BOS configuration (KB05A502) for ultra sour intervention service has received certification from DNV-GL that it complies with DNVGL-OS-E101, January 2018 edition and by reference, API 16A (PR2), API S53, API 6X and NACE MR-0175. The certification is the result of having completed a comprehensive technology qualification program per DNVGL-RP-A203, including successful shear tests of specimens from 0.25″ wireline, 3.5″ drill pipe under effective compression, 2.375″ coil tubing under side load, 3.5″ drill collars, 3.5″ tool joints and a 2.875″ solid round sinker bar. Testing included more than 5 years of accelerated lifecycle testing and temperature qualification to 350F per API 16A PR2. The KB05A502 is rated for 5,000 psi partial pressure H2S. The normally wetted components do not require maintenance during the 3 year recertification interval.

“The 5-15M K-BOS for extreme sour service provides customers with well control certainty and allows operators to dramatically reduce the risk of working in sour reservoirs, especially near sensitive areas” said Billy Gallagher, COO of Kinetic Pressure Control. “The K-BOS is the ultimate in safety and green drilling tech, and we are proud to be able to back-up that claim with a fully certified product designed and built to the most rigorous industry standards.”

The 5-15M K-BOS is currently in active service in the Middle East.








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