The Kinetic Quick Connector (K-Quick Connector) is a large bore electrically initiated, pyro-mechanical quick release connector which performs the function of emergency disconnect of the riser and LMRP systems in case of a dynamic positioning or well control emergency.

Kinetic’s unique design, utilizing the power of pyrotechnics, greatly reduces the time required to disconnect and dramatically improves the reliability of disconnecting and re-connecting post event. Further increased DP watch circles.

Features: Benefits:
Quick Disconnect Reduce Disconnect time from ~70 sec to less than 2 sec
Clean Re-Entry Reliable assurance that a ‘clean’ mandrel will be available to re-latch onto post DP or well control emergency
Increased DP Watch Circles Watch circles radii can be increased to match the major reduction in disconnect time. Potentially averting the need to disconnect in some situations.
High Angle Release Suitable for high release angle applications such as LMRP BOP connectors
Electrical Initiation SIL 3 reliability. Initiators have a proved reliability with more than a million manufactured and used in service without a single failure.
Simple Hermetically Sealed Construction Simple system with working components are not wetted by seawater or wellbore fluids and requires virtually zero maintenance means lower cost, NPT and downtime.
Continuous online testing Utilizing the best control system monitoring techniques used in the Space/Defence industry, this enables unrivalled confidence and reliability.
Dynamic Position Benefits:

Diagram of increased watch circles

Bore 18-3/4”
Load Limits Matching H4 & Collet specs
Service Sour: NACE MR 175
Release time >> 1 Sec
Release Angle ≤ 30⁰
Pressure 20,000 psi
Temp 0-350 F
Spec (where applicable) API 6A, API 16D, API 17D, API RP 17G, ISO 13628-8, ISO 13628-7, ISO 10423

Note: design is scalable for smaller or larger mandrels

Product Development Roadmap:
  • Onshore Qualification Testing – Q3 2018
  • Offshore Field Trials – Q4 2018
  • Offshore Commercially Available – Q1 2019