The Kinetic Blowout Stopper (K-BOS) is a large bore electrically initiated, pyro-mechanical valve which performs the critical function of shearing and sealing during drilling, completions and intervention well control operations.

Kinetic’s unique design, utilizing the power of kinetic energy, greatly limits the potential existential threat posed by blowouts by being able to shear and seal everything above the bit in the well – no exceptions. Further, Kinetic’s technology delivers this order of magnitude increase in shearing performance and reliability, whilst being able to potentially reduce the cost of ownership compared with traditional hydraulic systems by 60%.

“The K-BOS will be the airbag for the oil & gas industry”

Features: Benefits:
Kinetic Shearing Shear anything* in the well. Eliminate non-shearables from the oil & gas lexicon.
Clean sheared ‘fish’ Kinetic shearing produces a far superior shearing fracture mechanics that produces minimal deformation.
Electrical Initiation SIL 3 reliability. Initiators have a proved reliability with more than a million manufactured and used in service without a single failure.
Simple Hermetically Sealed Construction Simple system with working components are not wetted by wellbore fluids and like an airbag requires virtually zero maintenance means lower cost, NPT and downtime.
Rapid Discrete cutting & sealing functions (total time << 1 Sec) Eliminates risk of damage to the seal from shearing and erosion from flow giving unparalleled post–cut sealing performance.
Self-Contained Energy No requirements for accumulators or batteries. Has the potential to reduce weight and accumulator volumes on subsea stacks by more than 50%.
Continuous online testing Utilizing the best control system monitoring techniques used in the Space/Defence industry, this enables unrivalled confidence and reliability.

* Note: Specifications shown are for designs that exclude drill bit shearing.

Shearing Capability:
Drill Collars 11” OD 4” WT UD-165
Tool Joints 10.6” OD 3.55” WT UD-165
Casing 16” over 2” WT
BHA (except bit)
All Drill pipe incl slip crush zones
All wireline, slickline, braided cable, coil tubing
Latest 4-1/16” Prototype Shear Testing Results:

3-1/2”OD, 1.0” WT, 133ksi Yield, 17% Elong, Drill Collar

Bore Sizes (in) 4-1/16 7-3/8 13-5/8 18-3/4 21-1/4
Working Pressure & Temp (ksi & F) 20 & 400 20 & 400 20 & 400 20 & 400 20 & 400
Single Stud to Flange Height (in) 18 25 32 49.5 60
Single Weight (lb) 1,800 4,500 25,000 40,000 47,000
Product Development Roadmap:
  • Onshore Field Trials – Q2 2018
  • Onshore Commercially Available – Q3 2018
  • Offshore Field Trials – Q1 2019
  • Offshore Commercially Available – Q3 2019