Kinetic Pressure Control Limited Company Profile

Kinetic is dedicated to designing, building and deploying to market innovative technologies that protect the Oil and Gas Industry’s social license to operate and to reduce ultimate development costs. We are seeking to ensure loss of well control events like the 2010 BP-Macondo incident never happen again.

Kinetic is headquartered in Houston, Texas in the heart of the oilfield and another office in Brisbane, Australia. Kinetic is proud to be Angel Investor backed venture. With this devoted group of forward thinkers, Kinetic is striving to bring a number of gamechanging technologies to market. Further to this, at its Houston facility, it has access to a world class 200,000 sq ft manufacturing facility that is suited to go into full scale production from fabrication, machining, painting, assembly and factory testing.

Kinetic’s aim is to first disrupt the current shear ram blowout preventer paradigm with its patent pending kinetic shearing technology. Kinetic is calling its first product line the Kinetic Blowout Stopper (K-BOS). The K-BOS employs a fast acting, ultra-reliable, pyro-mechanical design and will be the first blowout preventer that can:

  1. “Shear Anything” in the well above the bit – no exceptions
  2. “Shut In” on fully flowing blowout conditions

The K-BOS, further to its un-matched well control performance, has the potential to lower the total ‘cost of ownership’ for shearing and sealing blowout preventers (“BOPs”) by up to 60%. This will be achieved virtually eliminating ongoing maintenance, and reduced non-productive time and downtime costs.

Kinetic is also developing a number of new technologies:

  • Kinetic Quick Connector
  • Kinetic Annular BOP
  • Kinetic Diverter
  • Kinetic Ram BOP
  • Kinetic Rotating Control Device
  • Kinetic Choke & Kill System