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Well control - a case for change

Blowouts Are an Existential Threat

Despite the acute focus on safety from the oil & gas industry, blowouts still happen. Continued loss of life and equipment, and damage to the environment and company reputations is accompanied by drilling moratoriums and an increasingly conservative regulatory approval process; jeopardizing our ability to explore for the world’s most critical energy sources.

Major Blowouts Continue

It seems that year after year we see or hear about major blowouts in the oil and gas industry. Such an ongoing failure rate is unacceptable considering that the result of failure could potentially result in loss of human life, damage to the environment, and cost billions of dollars.

The limitations of the current shear ram technology are well understood, and a significant amount of operating time is dedicated to procedures and testing to mitigate the risks of these limitations.

Current BOPs cannot shear many items which must go into the well such as large diameter casing, the bottom hole assembly (BHA,) certain wireline, and tool joints. These are integral to drilling rig operations and thus represent unavoidable risks.

Nearly all blowouts are caused by an “unsealable” condition where flow has been established in the BOP well bore leading to washout of the sealing surfaces and failure to seal.

Time Critical
Traditional well control technologies are blowout “preventers,” not “stoppers,” and must be activated in a narrow time window to be effective. During a critical well control situation, operators may only have a few minutes to decide whether they must shear the drill string and shut-in the well or face the potentially large scale consequences of a blowout.

Cost of Ownership
Elaborate procedures and testing requirements have been prescribed to help reduce the risks created by the limitations of today’s BOPs. Besides creating a significant amount of non-productive time (NPT) for operators and drilling contractors, these testing regimes cause wear to components such as seals, packers, and blades which are constantly exposed to well bore fluids and must be regularly inspected and replaced. Corrosive liquids and gases which may be present in the wellbore further reduce maintenance intervals of these critical components. The cost for these components alone may exceed the purchase price of a given BOP ram each year of operation.

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Our Technology

More Efficient, More Reliable, Safer.

In the last 30 years many industries have benefitted from the advance of technology. The aerospace, military, and automotive industries have seen enormous investment and achievements in making space flight, defense, and daily transportation more efficient, more reliable, and safer.

Kinetic has a growing team of experts in the oil and gas industry. The Kinetic Blowout Stopper’s design combines this industry expertise with some of the same components upon which the NASA Astronauts trust their lives. Another key design aspect is the same as the safety airbags in our cars, upon which we trust the safety of our families every day.

From this perspective, Kinetic Pressure Control is proud to bring some of the most reliable, safe, and proven technology from these industries and apply them to the oil & gas industry’s most critical problem: Stopping Blowouts.

At Kinetic, we are committed to protect the Oil and Gas Industry’s social license to operate and to reduce ultimate development costs.


Shear Anything
Seal Instantly
Ultimate Reliability

The Airbag of the Oil and Gas Industry

Kinetic Pressure Control is proud to present its game changing Kinetic Blowout Stopper.

The Kinetic Blowout Stopper, or K-BOS, is a retrofittable, electrically initiated, pyro-mechanical gate valve which performs the critical function of shearing and sealing during drilling, completions and intervention well control operations.

Unlike the limited technology of traditional BOPs described in these pages, the Kinetic Blowout Stopper is designed to shear and seal anything above the bit, no matter the flow or position of a given tubular – no exceptions.

With critical components isolated from the wellbore during normal operations, the Kinetic Blowout Stopper also eliminates the need for costly regular inspections, maintenance and other significant drivers of operating costs and non-productive time for drillers.

The K-BOS is the industry’s first true blowout “stopper” as opposed to current “preventers” – think of it as “the airbag for the oil & gas industry.”

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